Waulkmill Willow       Order here: https://form.jotform.com/203044431033034  Cuttings - also known as Whips Setts and Slips all names for Unrooted Hardwood Willow Cuttings Salix Viminalis (Common Osier Willow) is a fast growing native shrub with shiny dark green leaves and greenish catkins which attract a variety of insects; early pollen and nectar for bees and a range of butterflies and moths Uses Screening,Windbreak – can reduce wind speeds by as much as 60% even in winter also for bio fuel; originally used for basket making Soils/Sites Will do well in wet and boggy soils,chalk and coastal areas also on exposed and contaminated sites Avoid free draining soils as willow prefers ground that’s wet/moist Planting Plant from November through till April when the Willow is dormant Don’t plant when the ground is frozen Avoid planting near building foundations or drainage pipes at least 1.5 x the intended hedge height away The best way to plant is through some sort of weed control mat/fabric No digging is required just make a hole with a metal rod or similar ( a piece of rebar works well) depth being dependant on the length of cutting a 2ft cutting will go into the ground approx 12 inches and a 4ft cutting 12 -16 inches push the willow in immediately and heel in Living willow hedges can be planted in single double or triple (or greater)rows depending on the density of the hedge required Plant cuttings 300mm apart with rows 200mm apart Give the cuttings a good watering after planting Growth Rate A 1 ft cutting can grow 6 feet or more in the first year if there is little or no weed competition (NB grass is considered a weed) 2ft cuttings also prefer weed free conditions 3 ft cuttings will tolerate some weed competition 4ft cuttings are more tolerant of weeds After 10 years a size of 5m x 5m in suitable conditions/sites can be expected After Care Look out for Caterpillars as it comes into leaf If you haven’t used some sort of weed control, fabric remove any weeds and grass If you have Rabbits or Deer some protection may be required initially Don’t trim/prune until the end of the year when the leaves have dropped You can cut your own rods to fill any gaps or increase the existing hedge or create a new one or chip your cuttings for mulch Consider coppicing to increase the density of the hedge – its quite drastic but cut the willow approx 10cm above the ground with secateurs or loppers If you’ve planted a number of rows you can alternate coppicing which leaves a hedge of sorts in place over the winter months Prices 2ft Cuttings  £0-55p each Min Order 20 Price for Collection at Waulkmill 4ft Cuttings  £0-80p each Min Order 20 Price for Collection at Waulkmill 10% off the above prices for orders of 100 or more Delivery within 20 miles can be arranged at a cost of £5-00 per order Availability All orders will be hand cut individually, we anticipate from the middle/end of November and customers advised when the order is ready to collect/delivery date agreed
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