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Eggs & The Egg Club
                            Delivering Garden Fresh Vegetables & Free Range Eggs From Lumphanan To Your Door
We have kept hens for over 10 years now and currently have a flock of 60 lovely girls 30 Hylines 10 Brown Shavers and 20 Blackrocks and will be expanding this in April 2020 by another 50 Hylines to meet demand for our Eggs We’re also relocating them to our lower field very shortly so they will be even more free ranging than they are already so effectively will be pastured layers which is good for them and also for regenerating the soil etc We currently deliver Eggs with our Vegboxes each week during our season; we also have them for sale in the wee shed outside the farmhouse.  We have a solar powered light in the shed for those who pop in past when its dark!! We’ve also recently started our ‘Egg Club’ delivering to Lumphanan and immediately surrounding areas each fortnight.; currently fully subscribed but we can add folk to our waiting list by registering here: