The Farm Garden
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Brussels sprouts “igor”
 A hardy vegetable which improves after its first frost.  plant firmly into growing ground 60cm apart. feed with some blood fish and bone or mulch with some well rotted manure in august/september.  keep well watered in dry weather.  plant can produce upto 60-80 firm buttons. harvest from Nov- Jan.
A real old favourite for its generous crops which are ready particularly early in the season, giving you harvests over a long period, from September till Christmas. Growing to only 60cm (24in) in height, it makes them a good choice for exposed sites and smaller gardens. It grows vigorously to produce a bumper harvest of densely-packed stems of fat, firm and delicious sprouts.
Brussels sprouts “evesham special”
The first self pollinating runner bean! this runner bean has smooth stringless pods with excellent flavour.It produces masses of flowers which set well even in poor weather or high temperatures. This results in heavy crops of tasty beans. keep soil moist at all times and harvest beans regularly. plant outside after all frost has passed.  harvest from July-october
An improved Cavalo Nero (Black Tuscany type) with better uniformity and plant habit. It has striking dark, narrow, well textured leaves; with improved bolting resistance and cold tolerance.
Runner bean “moonlight”
Kale “black magic”