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The 18-inch tall plant will produce clusters of peppers that are 3 1/2 inches long, and ripen from green to fluorescent orange. Its real gift is an intense fruity flavor, which finishes hot. Crunchy flesh is perfect for roasting, but the flavor is superb for pickles, salsas, chutney, and marinades.
hot pepper “bulgarian carrot”
hot pepper “jalapeno”
chilli pepper “big jim”
a mild to medium heat chilli pepper which can grow to 12”(30cm) long. ideal for grilling and stuffing
cucumber “telegraph improved”
Smooth, straight, dark-green fruit, 18” long. Flesh is very crisp, tender and mild; superb flavor. Very few seeds, vigorous high-yielding vines, great for greenhouse production; also good cultured outdoors. This is an excellent English heirloom variety, introduced around 1897.
courgette “zucchini”
produces many fruits over the summer months if under protection but can be grown outside in a sheltered spot.   pick regularly. heavy feeders - do not let soil dry out especially if in containers